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If you are looking for beginner guitar lessons in Edmonton look no further.
My name is Billy Boissonneault and I have been teaching guitar lessons for over 20 years.

I offer the following music services for guitar.

Edmonton Guitar Lessons By Billy

The styles I teach are blues, country, classic rock, 80's rock, alternative and pop.

You can learn on an acoustic guitar or electric guitar. It is your choice and really depends on what style of music you want to play.

I have the patience and understanding of how to teach beginners all the way to advanced students.

I will teach you how to practice effectively so you can learn at an accelerated pace.


The key to guitar is practicing properly with focused exercises to help you get to the next level. You should also use a metronome when practicing to develop good timing.

If you are new to the guitar give yourself some time to get comfortable and practice your exercises slowly to eventually build up speed. Don't be in a rush to play as fast your favorite guitar players. Don't be discouraged but it takes time.

If you choose the right guitar teacher you can learn quickly. If you choose the wrong guitar teacher you may be wasting your time and money.

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How to choose the right guitar teacher?
9 Most Common Mistakes You Could be Making as a Beginner Guitarist


How to Choose The Right Guitar Teacher for Your Beginner Guitar Lessons?

Choose wisely as this can make a big difference on your progess.

1. Do not get the cheapest guitar lessons you can find. A cheap price shouldn't be your main concern if you want the best guitar lessons your money can buy.

2. Don't choose a teacher just because he lives close by and it's quick and convenient for you, unless you have determined he or she has the qualities needed to teach you properly. Would you choose a lawyer based solely on location? Or would you try and find the lawyer that best suits your needs?

3. Don't choose a teacher just because he's a great guitar player. Some musicians can be great at playing but lack the patience, focus and teaching experience to help you acheive your goals as a beginner guitar player. A great teacher understands and knows how to simplify lessons so you can learn quicker and with less frustration.

Do your homework. Ask questions about teaching experience and if they can provide you with an effective method of how you will progress.


9 Most Common Mistakes You Could be Making as a Beginner Guitarist

Anytime you start something new; there is a high possibility that you will make mistakes. This holds for learning how to play the guitar as well. You will make mistakes, but once you overcome them, all the practice time will be worthwhile. Don’t get discouraged if you make mistakes or if the learning process becomes too stressful. It will be overwhelming sometimes but it is at this time you need to practice more. Here are some of the most common mistakes that a beginner guitarist is bound to make:

1. Trying to play too fast too soon
After you go for a few lessons, you might think that you are doing great and you will try to play songs on the guitar along with your favorite songs or artists only to realize you can’t quite keep up. Understand that playing to speed or playing quickly takes time. Don’t be in such a hurry to play that you forget this is a learning process. Practice playing slowly and correctly at first. Speed will come later.

2. Not paying enough attention to timing and tempo while practicing
If you cannot keep a constant beat going, then you can’t make music, and that is the truth. It is surprising to know how many beginner guitar players can’t keep a steady rhythm. You can get help with this by using a metronome. You can download a metronome app on your phone and gauge yourself to see if you are getting better at keeping rhythm. It might be tough at first but don’t worry, it will get better. Learning how to follow a beat is a skill you must accomplish as a beginner. A metronome will help you go a long way if you use it regularly when practicing your skills. It will be much easier to play the guitar if you can follow the beat and keep the rhythm.

3. Avoiding barre chords
One of the most challenging things while learning how to play the guitar is learning barre chords. It might seem so hard at first and some people even avoid songs that require barre chords. Learning barre chords will make everything you have learned up to now seem like it was a breeze. This is where you wish to go back to what you thought was challenging like changing chords and playing a C major because they seem easy now. Barre chords are hard to learn but the more you practice, the easier they get. Take time to practice playing songs that require barre chords at least for five minutes a day, and within a few months, you will be able to play barre chords perfectly.

4. Not getting enough practice
Whoever said that practice makes perfect was certainly a bright man. The more you practice playing the guitar, the easier it will get. There is no secret to learning the guitar. You can only get better through lots and lots of practice. However, you should avoid practicing stuff you find easy or already know and practice skills you are having more troubles with. That's how you will get better.

5. Never playing in front of others
Sometimes it’s nice to get some feedback about your playing from other people. New guitarists are usually shy to play in front of other people fearing they will fail and this might demoralize them. Playing in front of individuals doesn’t mean you have to book for a gig and show up shaking and sweating heavily wondering if people will like what you play. You can start small for example; you can start with playing in front of your friends, then your family then complete strangers moving on and on to a large crowd. Playing in front of people might be exactly what you need to help you gain confidence in your playing.

6. Not practicing correctly
Learning how to play guitar takes time and lots of practice and it is a process that has many levels that you must pass to advance to the next one. A common mistake that people do is getting stuck at one level being unable to move to the next. You must get into a focused practice routine and always strive to practice and play in a way that will force you to advance to the next level. Practice with a proper and effective guitar routine

7. Not playing with others
Some people think that going solo is the best thing when it comes to learning something new. This can be a drawback to your guitar playing skills. There are techniques that are challenging you but someone else who is also learning may be able to give you another perspective on how to do it easily. Learn to play with others, and this will help you gauge yourself. You will be able to know how far you have come judging from how you are playing and how the others are playing. There are people who can be motivational and challenging and this is exactly what you need to keep going.

8. Not setting goals
This is one mistake that can slow the process down. You might spend too much time on one skill without knowing it because you haven’t set any goals. Set small and achievable goals and gauge your advancement accordingly. If you don't set goals, there is no way you can identify what skills you have gained within an amount of time and this can make things harder for you.

9. Getting distracted by too many sources
It is true you can learn from many sources, but it can be really confusing if you use too many sources at the same time. Don’t go jumping for one YouTube video to the other in search of the next big secret. Pick one source and exhaust it before moving on to the next one no matter how challenging it is to avoid confusing yourself.

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